Award-winning photographer James Ray Spahn's first image was snapped with a 110 camera. He was 13. And in the 34 years since, he's never looked back, shooting in every corner of the planet for a range of clients who consistently praise him (and commission him again and again) as being a "pro's pro"…that is, someone who understands the client, the audience, and the need for perfection. Beyond all that, he's someone clients love working with, as his desire to create an amazing shoot shines in every image.

Spahn's perfectionist work ethic formed as a child in Southern California, but it blossomed at the world-renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, where he graduated at the top of his class with honors, with a B.A. in Advertising and Illustration Photography.

His client base includes, Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors, Developers, Resorts, Manufactures and Advertising Agencies. He is also a frequent contributor to many of the top Shelter Magazines in the country.

Based in Colorado and California, with his wife and two children, Spahn chases the next great image wherever clients have a need to showcase the exquisite. Whether it's editorial, advertising or marketing, Spahn uses new photographic technologies with years of experience to creatively approach every project with passion and drive.